APEX Hosting Reviews Overview

APEX HostingAPEX Hosting Branding is an American owned company founded in the year 2013 and claims to deliver the highest level of customer support they can to their Minecraft dedicated server hosting customers.

Their company has built a hosting infrastructure and support team to make sure you get full support every step of the way as they believe customer support is imperative in all aspects of Minecraft server hosting.

They offer a very affordable price list while still providing the best hardware and have knowledgeable staff on board.

They state they have the latest technology which ensures your server is lag free.

My experience with APEX Hosting was undeniably great. I have used them for 2 years now and have had nothing but a fantastic service from them.

If you need any help or have questions whatsoever their support team is always standing by ready to help.

There is a live-chat option and ticket submitted that always gets a fast response from their sales and support team.

Trustpilot Reviews Overview

Below I have included an overview of feedback from reviewers and customers of APEX Hosting left on Truspilot.com both stating the positives and negatives of APEX Hosting as a company.

Positive reviews:

Excellent Customer Support

A recent review said how fantastic APEX Hosting’s response was when requiring support; they were very quick and friendly when responding to his questions, and were very knowledgeable with fixing the issue with his server.

APEX Hosting on Trustpilot

Another review stated how the support they received was incredible and that the support staff are always there whenever you need them. They claimed the APEX team has been the most amazing hosting company they had ever hosted with. They would most definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a Minecraft Host!

A glowing review left for a staff member named Ritty at the APEX support team saying how the staff member was the most helpful person he had come across and how patient and kind when helping resolve his issue.

Value For Money

One review said how the server itself was very affordable and so easy to install mod packs making it a great choice when looking for a new server host. The initial price for the starter package was very reasonable and competitive in comparison to other hosting providers. Anything less than $10 is a great deal.


One recent review said that the service he had received was perfect and commended the online support he received. He said that APEX Hosting had made the process so simple with all the clear and precise tutorials that are on hand whenever you need them.

APEX Hosting Knowledge-base

Most of the positive reviews were praising how great the guides and tutorials were on APEX Hosting’s help section. The customers found it extremely helpful and made the experience so much better overall making them a returning customer to APEX Hosting.

A recent comment on Trustpilot said that setting up his Minecraft server was so very easy alongside the helpful staff the company provided such clear instructions and video tutorials for him to use.

One reviewer said APEX Hosting is the best hosting service they had ever tried for their Minecraft server. They had bounced from hosting company to hosting company trying to find affordable but high quality service with no avail. A friend recommended they try APEX Hosting and they haven’t looked back since. They have received brilliant aftercare from the sales team and continuous ongoing support from the staff making it a brilliant service. The biggest thing that sold the company was how fantastic their instructions and tutorial section was making it such a worthwhile switch for them.

Negative Reviews

There are a only a very few amount of negative reviews on APEX Hosting as a company left on Trustpilot, some included:

Server lag

One reviewer commented that he experienced very bad lagging when more than 4 people played on the server which forced him to pay for more ram to make the server remotely playable.

One customer had canceled their subscription with APEX Hosting after one month but they still got charged for another month. They said they had then tried to get a refund via Paypal however APEX Hosting deleted their account which in turn then removed any existence of them using their service to then generate a refund.

A frustrated review stated how they had purchased a 16Gb RAM server however did not receive the server after they had purchased it. The customer had sent them an email saying what had happened but the company refused that they had ever received any payment even though the customers bank had confirmed the funds had left their account. They are still currently fighting for their money back.


After using APEX Hosting myself and reading through a vast amount of positive and a few negative reviews I would highly recommend the company to anyone looking for a fast, reliable and high quality.

It seems 99% of the customers have a brilliant experience from the company and get all of their needs met above and beyond.

They have 24/7 live chat and ticket support, mod and plugin support, premium hardware with low latency and a seven day money back guarantee. What more could you ask for!

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