Bisect Hosting Reviews Overview

BisectHosting claims their goal is to provide an unrivaled Minecraft host experience with brilliant support and features while offering value for money. They understand how imperative server support is and how it should be quick and reliable.

I had a very good experience with BisectHosting and would highly recommend them for Minecraft hosting, however, they are limited for any other games which can be tricky if you want to rent different games from one company at the same time.

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They provided me with great support and had quick responses to my questions when asked and offered good value for money.

Even the lowest price option was still a great performing server and me and my friends enjoyed using it.

They even allowed me to upgrade my 2GB Minecraft server to a 4GB server without any additional cost for the time required to change it.

Trustpilot Reviews Overview

I have listed below some positive and negative feedback other reviewers have left on which have some valuable information when considering BisectHosting.

Positive reviews:

Excellent Customer Support

A recent review said that the quality of service they received and the timing were both 5 stars and could not be faulted. They loved all the technical team and their amazing work on the servers.

An avid Minecraft player left a review saying that BisectHosting had given him great support. He had been in contact many times with their support team for both simple and complex questions about his server and their response was always speedy and very detailed. He had tried many other hosting services in the past and is now using Bisect after 2 years with them he says it is without a doubt the best hosting service that is on the market.

Customer Satisfaction

A review from one of their customers was of how pleased they were with their server. Saying it ran without any flaws and was very simple to install plugins, download and upload files and monitor their console.

Another reviewer said the support team would always be quick to get them back on track as soon as possible and would have a great support network easily accessible.

One review said they had purchased the budget setup and to their surprise they got so much more than they thought they would. There was no lag on their server, they had tons of plug-ins, and found it quick and easy to adjust. They thought it was a fantastic service and that they would highly recommend.

Negative Reviews

There are a handful of negative reviews that I have found on which included:


A recent reviewer wrote that they had experienced a large amount of lag and when mentioned in multiple support tickets, it was suggested to them by BisectHosting that they should move to their new hardware. They agreed but it came at a cost and since then they have experienced horrific lagging, the server logging them out and just general bad performance they corresponded back and forth with the support team to no avail.

Mod Performance

A lot of reviewers had issues with the performance of their server when using Mods. One reviewer said they cant even update a mod pack without it ruining their Minecraft world and server making it very frustrating.

Bisect Hosting Modpacks

Another review said that their Mod options are very confusing and that there is a lack of Mod selection compared to other Hosting companies.

One very frustrated customer said how difficult it is for them to add any Mods compared to how easy it was only a few years ago. It really has let the company down and they will be looking for another server host to migrate to.


After using BisectHosting myself and reading a fair share of positive and some negative reviews I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fast and reliable server that is fairly cheap especially if you are thinking of splitting it with your friends.

It seems the majority of the customers have a great experience from the company and get all their needs met.

Their main hosting is for Minecraft so if you want more than one game to rent at a time from your provider then they may not be for you. However if you are wanting

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