Bisect Hosting Coupons

Beginning life as a Minecraft focused game hosting company, Bisect Hosting moved into other popular titles with ultra-low prices.

The company are known for offering a cheap service with value for money support and a platform that allows you to easily maintain your game server included (more about the company below).

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Bisect Hosting Discounts

Bisect Hosting Home Page ScreenshotBisect Host offer some of the cheapest game servers in the industry, though you can further push that price down.

How To Get An Additional 15% OFF

The easiest way is to pay up front for your server, by 3 months, 6 months or even a year.

  • Pre-paying for 3 months saves you 10%
  • Pre-paying for 6 months saves you 12.5%
  • Pre-paying for 12 months saves you 15%

This way you can save an awesome 15% off your final bill if you know you are going to need your server for at least a year.

About Bisect Hosting

This Minecraft-centred game hosting company have some amazing deals available for games that aren’t even Minecraft so there is definitely bargains to be had.

Bisect Hosting Logo

The company offers a sort of no-thrills service but can be great value if you need a low cost offering.

For a more in-depth review that I have put together about Bisect Hosting and their history check here.

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