Reviews Overview Logo is a company that has been around for over fifteen years making them one of the oldest game hosting providers in the world.

They offer one hundred+ games and have over twenty different locations across the globe making them a great choice for just about anyone worldwide.

I have used them in the past for numerous games including Minecraft, CS:GO, Reign of Kings and more recently ARK:Survival Evolved.

Though, they are not the cheapest provider in the world by a long shot, but they have always been one of the more reliable providers which is why I have used them so many times in the past.

I have always been happy with the servers I have rented and the friendly support I have received from the staff.

Which is why I was surprised to see that the company had received such a low score on the Trustpilot website. Score on Trustpilot

However, I feel there are a number of reasons the company has so many bad reviews and such a low score.

I noticed that the company doesn’t actively ask their customer to post reviews on this website as they have less than two hundred reviews on the site, which is rather strange for a company with over fifteen years of trading.

Furthermore, it’s clear to see that the company doesn’t use the premium feature on the Trustpilot website that allows you to remove negative reviews. This is a strategy that a lot of hosting companies use in order to make themselves look better than they actually are with all four and five star reviews.

Despite the overall low score on the review site the company does have some positive reviews that do align with my own personal thoughts on the company.

So I want to highlight some of the key points that have been raised for both the positive and negative feedback on the company to help give a better overview of the company’s performance based on their customers’ reviews.

Positive Feedback

Highly Recommended

User Kobi stated that the website and the interface was very outdated however he praised the brilliant customer service. He was having problems with his Terraria and Starbound servers, but the knowledgeable and experienced team took the time to troubleshoot the problems and get them resolved. He recommended them based on their price for a small Starbound and Terraria Server that he had rented in 2020.

Quick Response to Tickets

Another revier named David commented about their quick response to his support tickets when he was having some problems. He had problems with other companies in the past that took several hours to respond. But was glad he switched over to as their staff were both friendly and skilled at their job, which made his experience worth a five star review.

Negative Feedback

Poor Refund Policy

A recent reviewer left a one star review on Trustpilot as they were angry about not receiving a refund on a 3 month subscription they had rented on a minecraft server. The user was having problems with the server crashing as the RAM they had been allocated was not enough to host all the mods and players they required on their server. The service initially worked well for the first week but the problems got worse after the first 7 days. The company asked the user to upgrade their service, however the user decided they wanted a refund instead as they were unhappy with the service. They refused to offer a refund as their customer has exceeded the 5 day refund window. Which is why the customer decided to leave a one star review about the company.


As of 2020 there is an equal split between good and bad reviews for this company, but I feel that many of the bad reviews are either fake or are based on not receiving a refund from the company.

The company states that “a customer has 5 days to get their money back,” which is pretty generous in comparison to many other providers that only offer 24 hours. Minecraft Page

In my opinion is a very good company that offers great support at a very reasonable price.

It’s not the cheapest hosting available but you get what you pay for.

Don’t forget you can save money using the coupons codes on their dedicated discount page.

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