GTX Gaming Reviews Overview

GTX Gaming claim to be the world leaders in game servers and also dedicated servers. Their company has been up and running since 2008.

They offer a really affordable price while still providing a “highly developed” control panel, configurations and 24 hour support team on hand to make hosting a game server with them simple and enjoyable.

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My personal experience with GTX Gaming was really positive. I took advantage of the company’s free trial to see for myself what service I would receive from them for my server.

I found them to be fast, friendly and very helpful with their support. They have affordable pricing for what hardware power you receive making the gaming experience as easy as possible.

They have an email address that opens a support ticket if you have any issues and I always received a fast response from one of their sales and support team.

Trustpilot Reviews Overview

Below are some feedback and reviews left by previous and current customers of GTX Gaming left on both including the positives and negatives of the company.

Positive reviews:

Fantastic Customer Support

One customer left a brilliant review for GTX Gaming saying he was having issues with his DayZ server and how the company resolved them extremely quickly. He stated how the responses to tickets were almost instant. He would recommend the company to anyone looking for a server host because of their excellent customer service.

GTX Gaming Score on Trustpilot

Another review said how they were having issues installing some mods on a game server and they were getting very frustrated so sent a cancellation ticket. The support staff member helped them out immediately and fixed all the issues surrounding the mods and said to make sure that they reach out to them again if they had any more issues. Instead of cancelling they had a fully functioning server which they were over the moon about.

One review stated how they had an issue with billing. They got in touch with GTX and requested a cancellation, where then a member of the support team named James went the extra mile in providing a solution that was perfect for them beyond their expectations thus not needing to cancel anymore.

A current customer left a review saying how he had an issue with the game server he had rented. He said he did not know much about how dedicated servers work or how to activate mods on the server. However a staff member for the company named Steve took his time to give him very detailed information on exactly how to solve the issue and really went the extra mile. The reviewer said he couldn’t ask for more. He stated that the company was very professional.

Smooth Latency & Low Pings

A lot of positive reviews stated how the latency is great on GTX Gaming’s servers. One of their customers explained how he has set up Conan Exiles server and was really impressed with how there has not been one lag since starting it up.

One reviewer explained how they usually just run servers from their own computer but for ARK but can find it a little cumbersome so decided to go with GTX for their dedicated server. After using them and having a fantastic experience they said they will probably never host from their own computer again. The customer said how their servers are 100% customizable and can be run just the way they want them, the servers are also in great locations so they can play on them with NO LAG at all.

Value For Money

One review said that the server they use from GTX was very affordable and so easy to install mod packs making it really enjoyable to play on. The initial price they received for their server was very reasonable and competitive in comparison to the other hosting providers the review had used previously.

Negative reviews:

There are a few negative reviews on GTX Gaming as a company left on Trustpilot, some included:

One very recent negative review explained how he used GTX for his Rust server hosted in the U.K. After two months the server randomly crashed and he lost all his player base. This continued to happen and he had no resolve from the support team. He requested his money back and stated that he would not return due to this experience.

A previous customer claimed how they had experienced issues from day one with GTXGaming for a Terraria server and how they have since migrated to another company who have been great.

One customer had canceled their subscription with GTXGaming after one month but they still got charged for another month and could not get their money back even though they had been in contact with

A frustrated review stated they had put in a request for their account to be closed and refunded last week however nothing has been done. They said how they felt the ‘game configuration panel’ is very poor and makes it nearly impossible to create a game properly.


After using GTX Gaming myself and reading through a lot of positive and a few negative reviews. I would say to try out the company for yourself by using their one day free trial.

It seems 80% of the customers have had a brilliant experience from GTX and get all of their server needs met.

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They have 24/7 ticket support, mod and plugin support, premium hardware with low latency and and claim to be constantly upgrading their quality and performance of their servers.

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