History of Host Havoc

Host Havoc BrandingHost Havoc built a business with an honest model. They strive to provide high quality servers with a low entry price point.

They believed that all gamer’s should have access to affordable servers and wanted to compete with companies such as GameServers.com in performance but at half the cost.

Theu achieved this with low overheads and well optimized servers. However, this wasn’t always the case as Host Havoc had a very humble beginning when a gamer decided to offer hosting privately for the games he loved.

Host Havoc Over The Years

The company took many years to establish but the timeline below details how a hobby turned into a thriving business across Canada, America and Europe.


Host Havoc was founded in 2013 by Canadian owner Clay B.

He started offering web hosting to a small audience beside himself.

Hosting was only offered in Canada at the time as this was his country of residence.


In early 2014 the company expanded by offering game servers to the public.

The owner must have realised the potential in this industry and wanted to offer his service to a wider audience via the internet.

This proved to be successful as five months later Host Havoc was officially celebrating their first milestone with 100 active customers.


ARK: Survival Evolved BrandingA year later the company had seen continued growth, by June 2015 they were celebrating another milestone.

With 500 active customers the company was becoming a known provider in Canada but there was room for more scope, the company decided to expand with the addition of USA servers.

This was a great move as ARK: Survival Evolved had just come out and the server industry was booming with the success of this game.


Just seven months later Host Havoc had finally achieved their goal of 1000 active customers.

Their customer base had double in such a short time which helped the company build on the foundation of their business.

2016 was another good year for server providers as ARK was still a huge game with over 70,000 active players daily.


Minecraft SplashIn 2017 the company saw a 500% increase in their active followers with a massive 5,000 active customers now using their services.

In just a year the company has grown exponentially and seen it’s biggest growth since 2013.

The team now had more than 5 members of staff to support the growing number of customers.

24/7 support was being offered with all servers and the company was now providing servers for over 15 games including ARK: Survival Evolved, Minecraft and RUST.


Customer figures in 2019 were not posted on their website however the company have recently upgraded their hardware with NVMe across 100% of their servers.

This leads me to assume that they are doing very well financially and still continue to grow as a business.

Their current website was also published in November of 2019 along with an updated list of 35 games.

The company also offers web hosting, dedicated Intel servers and virtual private servers. T

The team has also expanded to 8 team members to deal with support, system admin and live chat.

History Summary

In just seven year Host Havoc as a company has improved dramatically.

The first three years were slow but the company rapidly expanded in 2015 once they had established themselves as a brand to recognise.

With 11 server locations and 35 games in their library this company has a great global presence and covers their main target audience.

The company in general is one of the cheapest providers in the world, but they do offer additional discounts to make their services even cheaper.

You can get at least 10% OFF your next server with a Host Havoc coupon code found on their discount page.

The future is bright for Host Havoc if they continue offering reliable servers at a low cost.

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