History of Nitrous Networks

Nitrous Networks BrandingCreated in July 2010 by Jordan Bryant, Nitrous Networks was started with a large loan injected into the company by Jordan’s father.

They proceeded to provide web, voice and game services around the globe to customers, with the goal of providing a more affordable service whilst still being highly reliable.


Starting in 2010, Nitrous Networks provided a vast array of services which included dedicated servers, game servers, virtual private servers, web hosting and voice servers.

They bought a job lot of hardware from a decommissioned London hosting provider for a really low price.

They then proceeded to allocate it in a data centre in Cheltenham.

With its fair share of issues at the start it was soon hosting for over 100 customers within the first couple of months.

After offering a wide variety of services Jordan soon found that the toll it was taking on not only his finances but himself were considerable.

He needed to scale back to the very core services which were in demand the most, making the capital expenditure return quickly, forthwith growing the business further.

Then joined Harry Beasant, Harry joined the Nitrous Networks company in December 2010 and agreed a 10% stake within the company.

He injected the company with much needed capital to keep it ticking over, this was to be used to scale the form factor of their servers from 2U lowered to 1U systems which would maximize the amount of servers available within their current rack.


In January 2011 Nitrous Networks was faced with a major hurdle with bandwidth costs. With the rate being £12/Mbps per month and a 100Mbps bandwidth overage the bill totalled £1200.

For 2011 that was what 1Gbps would be now. They had to pull out of the data centre and go back and evaluate their options.

Through this uncertain period they sort out help from VeloxServ. Securing a deal with them for a small amount of dedicated servers they used them to carry over their game server customers from previously allocated servers.

Velox Homepage

In March / April of 2011 Nitrous Networks went to a data centre operator in Sheffield, simply named “Sheffield Data Centre”.

They negotiated a new collocation agreement to allow them to up scale server by server with the perfect amount of power and bandwidth needed.

They then proceeded to install the game hosting control panel ServerGears and base their business around it. ServerGears was a lightweight and strongly powered control panel that offered easy management to customers.

It seemed all was going well at this point and their services became a big hit within the ever growing Minecraft community.

Jordan then was approached by his friend who had previously helped the business vastly at the beginning with the proposal of merging his company, Absolute Hosting, into Nitrous’.

After adding a new high-tech control panel and expanding every month they were going from strength to strength.

Unfortunately, they hit another frustrating wall with DDoS attacks. With the online gaming world expanding at an alarming rate it was only a matter of time before this would happen to the company.

They had a large increase in their customers receiving attacks, so much so that so it caused extreme problems for the whole data-centre. The data centre operator was left with no choice and gave them notice to vacate and find a new location to house their equipment in.


2012 was a groundbreaking year for Nitrous Networks. They had fully migrated to using TCAdmin as their primary game control panel and started upgrading all of their hardware to a higher quality.

Early on in the year they were contacted by a web designer called Own Melbourne, he had previously created Nitrous Networks 3rd website and had introduced them to the idea of adding the rocket into their logo which is now embedded in their main logo to this day.

As they started hosting more and more servers Jordan started putting his full commitment and time into Nitrous, leaving any other projects he previously had.

Later in the year of 2012 they started planning NiTROPanel as it is now known, which is an in house Minecraft server orientated control panel.


The control panel was heavily built around user input and for it to be able to create a powerful control panel matching the end user and it was a huge success!

They expanded later October and started housing servers at a data centre in Wolverhampton too, with up to 50 server nodes increasing to 75 server Nodes by the end of December with additional features being regularly added to NiTROPanel.


In 2013 Nitrous added a new location, Quebec in Canada for Minecraft servers. They changed their registered company name to Hydra Communications Ltd, and kept Nitrous Networks as a trading name under this company.

They were still battling with frequent and more vicious DDoS attacks in and in October had a very large 75Gbps attack targeting one of their customers resulting in their entire sub-net being null-routed for almost 24 hours.

Because of all of this they had to suspend all orders on games such as Garry’s Mod as they were the most prone games to frequent DDos attacks.

In October/November they appointed NEEN Media to design and create a new and fresh website for them.

NEEN Media Twitter

Ready by December it gave them a much needed uplift and their redesign is the one you are able to see today.

By the end of 2013 a year on from when they first launched NiTROPanel they had added a plethora of additional features.


Nitrous had announced their plans to set up offices and a small data centre site located in Bristol allowing them to house 25 rack’s worth of servers.

They then lowered the prices of their Minecraft server tiers by around £1-2/GB per month and made their packages a much more affordable rate as well. June saw them running a social media promotion allowing people to get free additional located RAM for their Minecraft servers all they had to do was tweet a short post on their social media sites.

A new feature was added to NiTROPanel allowing simple migration by the user of their Minecraft server to any of their locations they had available.

Over a few months in 2014 they had multiple DDoS attacks towards a few customers. In order to better protect their United Kingdom network, in November they partnered with the company Voxility. This provided them with DDoS protection to all of their customers for a cost of nothing!


After a fantastic year in 2014 for the company they organised a collective deal with themselves and a creeper host after Acixs Hosting had announced its closure.

They took on and honored any active servers for no financial return. They took the 250 additional servers which were migrated over from Acixs Hosting until their billing cycle should have ended with the company.

A month later they made a very similar deal with Astral Game Servers taking on another 300-400 active customers and honouring their existing agreements with the previous providing company.

By the middle of 2015 they had launched another new website design which was a very clean cut and simplistic design. Boasting a new support centre which featured plenty of new articles to help manage your server and resolve problems quickly.

With it heading into the end of 2015 Nitrous made new network improvements and discussions were going full steam ahead on future plans for new locations for the new year of 2016.

2016 -2020

Nitrous won an award in the 2016 at the Telecom Awards for the Best European Game Server Hosting Network.

They opened a new London location and utilized the brand new v5 series E3 and v3 / v4 series E5 CPU’s.

They added additional locations for both voice and game servers (Ashburn, Buffalo,Phoenix, Atlanta) to further expand the company and it would appear that they have created a new website in 2018 to give the company a fresh new feel.

The website is quick, fresh and well designed. It’s easy to find the service you want to use and the payment section has a fluent layout.

History Summary

It’s clear to see that the company has achieved so much in 10 years and continues to grow as each year passes.

Though the company is still relatively small in comparison to other companies. Nitrous Networks offers an affordable and reliable experience that is highly rated on review sites like TrustPilot.

The company’s history is full of ups and downs, but the original founders have prevailed in creating a company that caters for gamer’s across the world.

If you’re interested in renting a server from this company, first check out the Nitrous Networks coupon code list.

The company is very generous and often offers discounts for both new and current users on all their services.

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