History of Survival Servers

Survival Servers have always been a company that have stood out as a quality provider over the last seven years, hosting games such as ARMA 3, ARK: Survival Evolved and RUST.

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Starting out as a small project run by two friends the company quickly grew and became the powerhouse it is today.

Year By Year Survival Servers History

However, success didn’t happen overnight. Here’s an in-depth look at Survival Servers history detailing how they established their company in just seven years.


Back in 2012 two friends came together to offer hosting for the original DayZ mod which was an ARMA 2 extension.

After gaining some initial interest from the DayZ community the brand slowly grew because of their custom tools, private hive scripts and interrogations that were built for DayZ.

This gave them the edge over more established companies and helped the brand grow in reputation.


After the first year Survival Servers knew that they had to expand if they wanted to attract a broader audience.

Initially they were only offering servers in American but in 2013 they added two new locations in Germany and France.

This meant they could offer high quality, well priced game server hosting to Europe.

They also started to offer hosting for RUST which was taking off at the time.


With the success of ARMA 2 and ARMA 3 hosting, Survival Servers wanted to further improve their hosting by offering their customers a custom control panel that dealt with the complex requirements of the mods that could be used.

TCAdmin Demo

Control panels like TCAdmin are known for being clunky and limited, so the team created easier ways to install mods quicker, making the interface user friendly.

The new control panel also gave them the ability to add more games to their hosting platform.


This was a huge year for the company as they officially moved to a new office in Sacramento and expanded their support across all servers.

The website was updated with a new design, they added new games including ARK, Reign of Kings and Hurtworld.

This was also the year that ARK: Survival Evolved became their largest selling game.


Survival Servers decided to create a completely custom control panel that was built in house by their own team.

This allowed them to move away from their old control panel and offer users a higher quality experience.

They also hired new support technicians as the staff demand had increased due to the success of ARK. 7 Days to Die servers were also now available to rent.


Brand New Playstation 4 servers were introduced for ARK: Survival Evolved after the game was released on console.

More staff were bought in to help with the demand of servers and support, bringing the overall total to 8 staff members which offer 24/7 support, due to the growth in customers.

The following games were also added to the website: Stationeers, Conan Exiles, Blackwake, Ylands and more.


Social Media had grown over the last 10 years and had become a very important part of the company’s business model.

Survival Servers had partnered up with four well known streamers and influencers including “summit1g” and “Canal do pigman.”.

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These four influencers combined had over 25 million subscribers and followers which expanded the company’s brand awareness.

Survival Servers also teamed up with Frostkeep Studios to provide official server hosting for the game Rend.


Officially 7 years old the company has come a long way since its humble beginnings and has become one of the biggest providers in the world, competing alongside GameServers.com and GTX Gaming.

Plenty of updates were added in 2019 including secondary AMD chips and Ryzen 9 processors to further improve the performance of all their servers.

History Summary

It’s clear to see that Survival Servers have been very productive over the last 7 years. Their rapid expansion was due to hard work and dedication to customer service.

The company continues to be one of the top providers on the planet and will more than likely continue to grow in the forcible years. I

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