Host Havoc Coupons

The guys at Host Havoc have been providing high quality game server hosting since 2013 and have gained a reputation for their high quality support.

Over the years they have expanded their games catalogue slowly as they perfect the offering for each before moving onto the next.

Pricing with Host Havoc has always been on the lower side of market but they do offer promo codes and discounts to those who look.

Host Havoc Discounts

Host Havoc Home Page ScreenshotAlthough Host Havoc have some of the best prices across the industry for game servers you can still get the cost down a bit.

How To Get An Additional 12% Off

The easiest way is to pay up front for your server, by 3 months, 6 months or even a year.

  • Pre-paying for 3 months saves you 5%
  • Pre-paying for 6 months saves you 9%
  • Pre-paying for 12 months saves you 12%

This way you can save an awesome 12% off your final bill if you know you are going to need your server for a while.

About Host Havoc

A fast evolving company started by a technical founder who turned his passion into his profession.

Host Havoc Logo

Host Havoc has grown quickly since its birth, adding new games and upgrading their network to provide a high quality service for a low price. I write about the history of the company here so you can see their journey in greater detail.

Host Havoc Server Locations

Read my in-depth review of Host Havoc and their journey to becoming one of the best game server providers here.

For a provider that has been in the business for over 3 times as long as Host Havoc, check out the coupons for on the home page.