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PingPerfect servers are a premium provider boasting a high quality team of gamer’s, programmers and technicians who constantly monitor and provide round the clock support which they state sets them apart from the many other providers.

My personal experiences with PingPerfect were fantastic. I used them briefly for an ARK Server.

They had 24/7 monitoring of my game server in case it crashed, got stuck on a map or the performance was affected in any way their technicians would step in to resolve the problem straight away.

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I could contact them via Skype and Steam as well, making it very user friendly.

There are many options that they provide for new users, like the platinum package server where they will send you a list of mods you can install.

Once you have selected your mods they do all of the work on your behalf it couldn’t be easier!

The support team is brilliant and highly knowledgeable. I was experiencing some very complicated issues with my server and one of the team helped me out tremendously and in fact I ended up learning from him how to keep a very complex server running smoothly.

Trustpilot Reviews Overview

Below I have written some feedback left from other reviewers on which outline the positives and negatives of PingPerfect servers.

Positive reviews:

Excellent Customer Support

One reviewer said how excellent the service they received was. The technical advice and rapid response they received with the support tickets was fantastic.

They were struggling with a laggy Wreckfest server from another server host and asked PingPerfect’s support team if they could help, PingPerfect easily identified the issue and resolved it.

PingPerfect Trustpilot

Another customer of theirs wrote PingPerfect is always there to fix any issues or problems I face with my server.  Whenever I send a support ticket they respond instantly and in such a friendly manner. I cannot recommend them enough.

A reviewer stated how pleased they were with the support the customer service team had given them. The team was incredibly quick with their response times and the members dealing with their cases were incredibly knowledgeable.

Performance Quality

A reviewer who had been using PingPerfect 7 Days to Die and modded Minecraft said the performance and connection of the server was flawless and made gaming on there so much more enjoyable than previous hosts.

One customer said how they had used PingPerfect server to trial Dayz and he was amazed at how good the speeds and stability of the server was. He continued using them to host his other servers on.

Customer Satisfaction

A review from one of their customers was on how eager PingPerfect are to make sure that their customers are always 100% satisfied and are getting the highest quality of care and standards from their server. The support team would always reply to my tickets so quickly and want to get me back on track as soon as possible.

PingPerfect Homepage Reviews

One customer stated that a team member spent over 2 hours continuously trying to fix a problem with a Mod that they were having an issue with. He did everything in his power to make sure that the customer was satisfied and could get back to playing asap.

A customer boasted that PingPerfect had provided him with the best customer service he’d ever experienced online and couldn’t thank them enough for being so kind and patient with him.

Negative Reviews

There are a handful of negative reviews that I have found on which included:


A reviewer wrote that PingPerfect’s servers did not handle Mods very well which was very disappointing. He had downloaded a Mod for his game but after a while the server would no longer work and flooded his console with red errors.

Another review said they added a Mod onto their ARK server and it immediately did not work. They wanted to start a new server and they were advised once contacting PingPerfect that it was their fault and given vague ways of fixing it instead.

Performance Issues

A lot of reviewers had issues with the performance of their server for games such as 7 Days and Arma 3, they found they were getting server lagging, slow performance and mid in game updates.


When looking for hosts you want to find a company that prides itself on customer support and that will always respond in a very quick time. You want a high quality service so your experience can be as smooth as possible and I feel that PingPerfect is doing this well.

I would definitely recommend the server hosts. They even state of having a 24 hour money back guarantee and if you are not happy with the game server, they will happily refund you straight away with no questions asked. So it is really worth while testing them out with the option of leaving free if you don’t like them!

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