PingPerfect Coupons

A provider with a massive catalogue of games that they provide game server hosting for, PingPerfect are kings in the industry.

You will find their pricing to be on the cheaper end of the scale but that doesn’t mean you can get it even further south.

By using the promo codes and discounts listed below you can score an additional 25% OFF your first months bill.

PingPerfect Discounts

PingPerfect Home Page ScreenshotYou can get even more money off your game server price than just the coupons above, check out my other price hack.

How To Get An Additional 15% OFF

You can add an additional 15% of savings to your bill using the following method.

Signing up and paying up front for your game server will allow you to save money in the long run:

  • Pre-paying for 3 months saves you 5%
  • Pre-paying for 6 months saves you 10%
  • Pre-paying for 12 months saves you 15%

So paying for a yearly subscription with PingPerfect can save you a whopping 15% off your final bill.

About PingPerfect

The guys at PingPerfect have a deep connection with the gaming and esports world, sponsoring multiple personalities and providing the behind the scenes support it needs.

If you are looking for a game server for even a niche game that most companies don’t provide a package for chances are PingPerfect will.

For a more in-depth look into the features that this company offer and its history over the years check out my PingPerfect review.