Shockbyte Servers Reviews Overview

Shockbyte boasts that they are the most powerful game server host that is available globally. Supporting Minecraft server hosting and much more.

My experience with Shockbyte has been mostly positive, their server has not always been speedy and sometimes has lagged when playing.

Shockbyte Minecraft

However, I have had a few issues that have been solved by the customer support team in a very quick and efficient manner.

Shockbyte’s support team is available around the clock, seven days a week and I definitely found this to be true when contacting them late into the night for help with my server.

Trustpilot Reviews Overview

Below I have written some feedback that I have compiled from other reviewers when looking on both including the positives and negatives of Shockbyte servers.

Positive reviews:

Excellent Customer Support

A glowing review left for a staff member named Alex at Shockbytes stated how he had managed to get the customer’s server pointed to an unused address in minutes and how grateful the customer was after trying all night to work out the issue.

Shockbyte Trustpilot

Another reviewer said how fantastic Shock Bytes’ response was when asking for support; they were very speedy when responding to his question, and seemed very happy to help with his server issue.

A recent reviewer said the service he received was perfect and showcased brilliant online support. He found everything so simple with all the wonderful tutorials that are available.

Value For Money

One review said how the server itself was very affordable, with easy to install mod packs making it a great choice when looking for a new server host.

Another review credited them for how affordable Shockbyte were when renting a Minecraft server from them and wanted to return back as a customer. The hosting company kindly offered him a welcome back discount for returning which he was very impressed with.

One review mentioned how they had contacted Shockbyte to upgrade the RAM allowance and the support team swiftly sorted it out for him without any problems. They said they would recommend the provider to anyone looking for a good quality, yet very affordable Minecraft host.


Most of the positive reviews stated how Shockbyte provides brilliant guides and tutorials on how to install mods and configurations. They find it imperative when not as knowledgeable and feel it makes the company better than others hosting companies for providing this service.

Shockbyte FAQ

A recent comment on Trustpilot said that setting up his Rust server was so simple and made easy by the company providing very clear instructions and multiple guides and tutorials.

One reviewer said Shockbyte was one of the best hosting services they had tried for their Minecraft server. They had jumped from one to another hosting company that servers would consistently lag and have performance issues when they finally settled on Shockbyte for the months they played Minecraft and enjoyed how the clear instructions they provided on their website were, making it such a worthwhile switch for them. They said they definitely will be returning to Shockbyte and will recommend all their friends.

Negative Reviews

There are a few negative reviews on Shockbyte as a company which have arisen a handful of times on, some included:


One reviewer who wasn’t happy at all with Shockbytes services had requested a full cancellation and refund as he felt it was clear before he even got to fully use their services that there are major issues the company needs to fix. He said the company did not respond to his cancellation and refund request and made it difficult to get into contact with after days of no replies.

Another review said they felt the company was terrible, providing mis-informed information about the server and its incompatibilities, rendering them unable to use it. He wasn’t made aware his package was auto renewed when he opened a ticket he claimed it took for weeks to receive any reply and the initial request from him for a refund was ignored.

One recent review felt they had been scammed by Shockbyte when they had requested a refund through the company’s website and after 14 days the tickets were automatically closed because of no response from the hosts. They tried to use the live chat but said it only directs you to the billing department where once again it sat there unopened until it got closed. They requested a refund via Paypal as well with no reply. They have since gone directly to Paypal to try and resolve their issues.


Overall Shockbyte has some mixed reviews which are both bad and good. I thought they performed well on the server side and have had a great experience with the customer service.

Based on bad reviews it’s clear to see that there may be some problems with the admin and billing side of the company.

I would recommend using this company but would suggest that new customers only rent servers on a month by month basis.

This is because refunds and cancellations seem to be a weak point of the company’s review history.

If you haven’t signed up for a server yet, make sure you use the Shockbyte coupon code list for all of the latest promo codes and discounts.

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