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I have used Streamline Servers to host RUST and found them to be fantastic.

Their servers have always been speedy, reliable and so simple to access for any setting changes I need to make to host the game.

I recently came to an issue where the game was not recognizing the server due to some sort of bug within the game.

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The support staff spent multiple hours, to my amazement trying to sort out the issue for me.

They were so professional and helpful at all times and made it an absolute pleasure to be in contact with them.

My problem was eventually fixed with me removing and reinstalling the game and I was on my way again.

The care they provide is second to none and I cannot speak highly enough about their support staff.

Not only is their customer service untouchable but they are extremely good value for money and with all the high spec mods and configurations you could want.

Trustpilot Reviews Overview

Below I have included some feedback from other reviewers from going into the positives and negatives of Streamline Servers.

Positive reviews:

Excellent Customer Support

One customer praised them after struggling for a long time due to a very unique and specific server crashing bug which they could not fix on their own.

Streamline Servers’s customer service support helped them extensively to locate and fix the issue, it took a lot of time but he said they continuously stuck with him and thanks to their persistence his server is up and running to this day.

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Another reviewer said how fantastic their ticket response was even when the priority on it is set to low they will respond rapidly.

A reviewer said that he is clueless when it comes to servers and has had no experience but when asking questions the support service team did not hesitate in helping with no judgement and was always so polite and courteous.

They made him feel like a very valued customer even with a low computer experience.

Value For Money

One review said how the server itself was extremely affordable compared to others and even all the plugins and server configuration was very easy to grasp making it a great choice when looking for a server host.

Another review credited them for providing such a great service, panel, accessible tuning and configurable options for a very compatible price.

One review mentioned he contacted them to upgrade his RAM without having to upgrade to a separate package costing him more and Streamline sorted it out for him swiftly without any problems.

He said he would recommend the provider to anyone looking for a quality yet very affordable VPS host.


Most of the positive reviews stated how Streamline Servers provide servers that are non-lagg’y and that are super simple to configure and customize.

One commented that after using Streamline Servers for years to host his GMod server that he had not experienced a single crash once and that the performance of the servers is absolutely amazing.

Negative Reviews

There aren’t many negative reviews at all with these two being the only issues that seem to have arisen with a handful of reviewers:

Server Setup

A reviewer wrote that Streamline Servers did not set up his server and he had to set everything up himself which he found very disappointing.

Performance Issues

Some reviewers had issues with the performance of their server for games such as Arma 3, they said that any gamer who will be needing to play a sizable mission with lots of players should not use Streamlines services as they simply did not work well for this with their server lagging.

This meant that players were continually disconnecting from the server.


Streamline Servers are renowned for providing high performance, a high up-time game, VPN and server hosting.

They have been running now for over 10 years and have amassed a brilliant customer feedback.

Overall I would definitely recommend the server hosts to anyone from newcomers to the more experienced players.

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They even provide a 48 hour money back guarantee so there is no excuse not to give them a try for yourself!

When looking for hosts you want to find a trustworthy company, who always responds in a very reasonable time to the many inevitable problems that will arise, well this Australian company has nailed this to a tee and it shows with the almost 100% glowing reviews on TrustPilot.

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