Streamline Servers Coupons

The game servers at Streamline Servers are of good quality with high performance machines and a modern control panel.

This company is known for its amazing platform with an attitude that is very focused on providing a lag-free experience.

The pricing is unfortunately on the higher side in regards to other companies but these coupons could grab a you a bargain.

Streamline Servers Discounts

Streamline Servers Home Page ScreenshotI have found a great way to save even more money than the coupons above.

With a higher price per slot (the price you pay for each gamer connected to your server at one time) than most other companies you need to think ahead to bag yourself a good price with Streamline Servers.

How To Get An Additional 20% OFF

The easiest way is to pay up front for your game server, by 3 months, 6 months or even a year.

  • Pre-paying for 3 months saves you 10%
  • Pre-paying for 6 months saves you 15%
  • Pre-paying for 12 months saves you 20%

This way you can save an awesome 20% off your final bill if you know you are going to need your server for at least a year.

About Streamline Servers

With possibly the highest performance servers in the industry, Streamline Servers are a very premium company.

The biggest issue is that they are also the most expensive though if you are looking to pay for quality then this is the way to do it.

Streamline Servers Locations Map

They have a vast network of available data-centers that you can choose to host your game server in as you can see from the map above.

For a more in-depth explanation of Streamline Servers and a look back at their history in the game server world, check out my review here.