Why Choose APEX Hosting? My In-Depth Review

Apex Hosting was created in 2013 with providing Minecraft hosting as their main business focus.

They set out to create a company that offered the highest level of technical support and customer satisfaction, hoping to become the largest Minecraft host in the world.

APEX Hosting Homepage

They state on their website that “they provide the best hosting for Minecraft servers that offer all their users peace of mind, in terms of server performance and customer satisfaction”.

What sets APEX Hosting apart from the competition?

All of their clients can gain assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via their live-chat or ticket system.

The company have supposedly catered for over 100,000 customers and have an in depth knowledge of Minecraft hosting making them a great choice for all of its players.

All of their packages included limitless bandwidth and hardware that will insure your server runs perfectly at a very low cost.

Dedicated Minecraft Server Hosting

Apex Hosting offers a total of 12 Minecraft Server packages including their cheapest 1GB server for $5.99 and their most expensive server $79.99 which comes with 16GB of RAM.

All of their packages include unlimited player slots, dedicated support, one click mod installs and more which is fantastic for the price.

APEX Minecraft Start Page

However, there are a number of other dedicated Minecraft hosting companies that are slightly cheaper than Apex Hosting, who offer the same list of features.

You could use an Apex Hosting coupon code to reduce the price of your server to better match the value of the cheaper providers.

Use your server in less than five minutes

When you rent a server from Apex Hosting you can expect to have your server setup and ready to play in five minutes when you receive your payment notification.

This is because the control panel automatically sets up your servers with predefined conditions based on your initial package choice.

Your unique IP:PORT and login will be sent directly to your email which will allow you to connect to your server remotely through the Minecraft client.

This makes it very easy for new players to use and requires very little technical knowledge. You and your friends can start playing in less than ten minutes.

Multicraft Control Panel

Apex Hosting uses a control panel called “Multicraft” which is used by large companies that rent out Minecraft servers.

They have customised the control panel with their own theme and have lots of great articles and links within the control panel that will help you manage your files, edit configs, view your console and more.

Multicraft Screenshot

It’s all viewed and edited on your web browser, this  means you don’t have to worry about downloading any additional files on your computer, just login to the Apex hosting website.

Additionally the company also has an extensive library of video tutorials that will guide you through customising and configuring your server.

This includes videos about modding, server resetting and more. Making them a fantastic choice for novice players.


Apex Hosting is a great option for new customers as they are reasonably priced and have enough staff and tutorials to help a novice player learn how to run a server effectively.

Though more experienced customers won’t need to rely on support as much, so they may want to consider renting a service from a slightly cheaper host.

This is because servers will more or less give the same performance due to the nature of RAM allocation and resource renting linked to Minecraft hosting.

The company does however have more positive features, which outweigh the negative aspects of the business.

The positive features include:

  • Great selection of Minecraft Packages
  • Excellent database of videos and written tutorials
  • Extremely cheap hosting
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Instant server setup
  • 24/7 support
  • Huge selection of server locations to choose from
  • 7 day refund
  • Unlimited player slots on all servers

Negative points to consider are:

  • Offer other games such as ARK or RUST.
  • Offer a trial period
  • Add additional discounts for longer subscriptions

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