Why Choose Bisect Hosting? My In-Depth Review

Bisect Hosting was created in early 2011 when the founders realised that it was hard to find a hosting provider that offered high quality servers at a reasonable price.

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In 2012 the company’s goal was to provide the best Minecraft hosting in the world as they knew that the game was in high demand.

What sets Bisect Hosting apart from the competition?

The team focusses on offering a service that included quick support, zero lag and premium hardware that would be offered to their customers at an affordable price.

Minecraft Server Hosting

Minecraft has been the main focus of Bisect Hosting since they started the company. They have a huge list of packages on their website including premium and budget packages to cater for all customers.

The main difference is the amount of players you can host. The premium package allows an unlimited number of players. This allows you to instead use your RAM for plugins and mods.

At just $7.99 for the premium package, it’s great value for customers that require a small modded server.

However, if you’re looking for a cheaper option the same “budget” server is just $2.99, but you can only host up to 12 players.

Minecraft Hosting Locations

This means you will have to play the server unmodded due to the limited 1024MB of RAM it comes with.

For this article I decided to trial a minecraft server to test how good the service was. I rented the “premium” 2048MB RAM server for just $9.98 which is great value for an unlimited server.

I was pretty skeptical about the player slots being “unlimited” so I decided to load the server up with more than the recommended 24 slots of the budget package.

Surprisingly the server was still running smooth with 31 players on the server at one time, which I was very impressed with.

After the initial slot test I added a couple of mods to my server and again the service was running smooth with no problems.

For such a low price this server was going beyond my initial expectations, but it got better.

After a couple days I decided to test the support system with a couple of problems. I pretended to be a complete novice and asked the support team to install a couple of mods for me, which they did in under an hour. The staff member that dealt with my ticket was friendly and had all the skills required to deal with my enquiry.

Overall I was very impressed with the service I received and would even rent another Minecraft server from them in the future.

Special Discounts

One of the best features on their checkout window was the billing cycle option.

Here you can choose to pay for your server in quarterly, semi-annually or annually installments for an additional discount on your server.

Quarterly will save you 10% and annually will save you 15% making their hosting even cheaper.

Bisect Hosting Other Games

Here’s a quick tip if you want to save even more on your next server: select your billing cycle to choose your first saving and then enter one of the Bisect Hosting coupon codes on their dedicated discount page to save even more.

A yearly plan could be an extra 30% off with the right combination of promo codes so make sure to check out the list before you rent your next server.


If you’re looking for a Minecraft server look no further. Bisect Hosting has a package to meet your budget and server expectations.

The support is good quality and the server runs very smoothly with little to no lag.

The pricing is very competitive compared to other hosting providers and the budget options gives everyone a chance to own a server.

To summarize this article, let’s look at positives and negatives of Bisect Hosting in regards their services:

Bisect Hosting are are great for:

  • A Huge selection of Minecraft Hosting
  • Cheap and premium options
  • Great long term discounts
  • Great customer service
  • Live chat option for support and sales enquiries
  • Huge list of features that come with all servers

The company could improve with the following changes:

  • Limited games available (could also be a positive, depending on how you look a it)
  • More server locations around the world

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