Why Choose GameServers.com? My In-Depth Review

GameServers.com is the longest running game server hosting company in the world, with a staggering 16+ year presence, dominating the scene since 2004.

The company has served more than half a million customers in that time and has an enormous server network of 36 locations.

GameServers.com Homepage

They offer a premium quality service that does cost slightly more than average hosting companies, but is backed by experience, custom control panels and quality server components making them a number one choice for your server needs.

They host over a hundred games, dedicated servers, virtual private servers and voice servers making them a great choice for players across the globe.

Global Network

This company has the largest presence across the globe with a staggering 36 locations in the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

Which makes them the largest server provider for gaming in the world, plus they allow you to switch server locations freely during your service

This can be applied to both game and voice servers.

Please Note: Each service can be moved a maximum of four times per month.

24 Hour Support

With over half a million servers rented, it’s no surprise the company offers a dedicated 24 hour support service.

The network is constantly monitored around the clock by technicians and support assistants that will solve server problems at a moments notice via their dedicated ticket system.

The staff will also install mods and make improvements on your server if you have any specific enquiries.

5 Day Money Back Guarantee

GameServers.com offers a 5 day refund on all of their services, as they believe you will “love” their service.

Usually companies only offer a 24 hour refund, which makes this policy very generous in comparison.

Why GameServers.com?

Five days will give you enough time to trial the support, hardware and clock speeds.

I’ve rented four servers from GameServers.com in the past and have never been unhappy with the service I received.

Clan Pay

ClanPay is a great feature for communities that have several patrons.

The feature allows server members to sign in to your own GameServers.com portal, from this page community members can make donations to help fund the service.

Making it a great way to share the cost across several players.

However, you also have the option to pay for servers using normal methods including Paypal, direct debit, bank transfer and even a check via mail services.

Free Game Server Hosting

If you visit the website directly you can find a page with a list of free game trials that can be claimed and played for up to 3 hours.  Games included on the trials are CS:GO and Minecraft and many more.

The idea behind free servers is to allow players to trial servers with the same resources paying customers use.

Although the trial is very short it will give you enough time to decide if the service is right for you.

GameServers.com Free Hosting

It’s a great feature that a lot of hosting companies do not offer. There are 22 servers available every day that anyone can claim.

Simply click claim, enter your email, time requested then use the details you receive to enter your trial server. It’s that easy.

Custom Control Panel

Unlike most companies, GameServers.com prefer to use a custom control panel that they have created and perfected over the last 16 years.

The idea was to create a control panel that was simple and easy for new and advanced server users.

With features like “1 Click mods,” players could easily set up and manage their own servers without having to make difficult changes or support requests.

They boast on their website that they “support over 200 mods” with the one click feature.


If you’re looking for a company that offers a premium service that guarantees quality hardware and support, choose GameServers.com.

They may charge more than “cheap” companies but their customer service and server performance makes up for the additional fees.

However, you can save money using the coupons codes on the GameServers.com coupons page, to reduce the high cost.

Here’s a quick round up of what this company does well and what they could improve on.

GameServers.com exceeds in the following areas:

  • Expert advice and support
  • Easy to use control panel
  • 36 server locations
  • 100 + Games
  • Additional packages including voice servers, VPS and dedicated servers
  • Trial servers
  • 50% of voice servers with all game servers
  • 5 day money back guarantee

What they could change:

  • Reduce prices
  • Additional South American hosting options
  • More annual discount codes

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