Why Choose GTX Gaming? My In-Depth Review

GTX Gaming BrandingLike most server hosting companies, GTX Gaming started as a solo hobby that later grew into a fully functioning server hosting business.

Started in 2007 the company quickly gained momentum and within a year a side-project had turned into a company.

The services they provided back then were just Counter Strike 1.6 and Call of Duty servers.

Now the company hosts more than 60 games and has data centres all over the world, which is pretty impressive given the time it was done.

So what makes this company so great? Is it the hard working support team? Perhaps it’s the annual hardware upgrade?

Let’s take a closer look at the main features that GTX Gaming offers to find out more.

GTX Gaming Features

What are the main features that GTX Gaming offer that sets them apart as a serious provider in the game server world?

24 Hour Support

The company quotes that they have the “highest-rated support” (in the footer of their website) based on their impressive review score of 4.8 on TrustPilot.

88% of the 5 star reviews have positive things to say about the company including their quick and knowledge support team that offers 24 hour support.

A server company is only as good as it’s support team and GTX Gaming has some of the best, which probably explains their 11 years in business.

Enhanced Servers

With any established company you can always expect to receive updated hardware.

GTX Gaming states on their websites that their hardware is updated every year.

GTX Gaming Home Page Games

They are currently using i9 5Ghz processors on all of their servers.

Demo Control Panel

The company has worked hard creating a customised control panel, which new customers can trial.

To try the demo simply click the “control panel” tab in the top right hand corner of the website. Then select to login on a demo account.

The control panel is impressive and a huge improvement on the standard TCAdmin, which a lot of the other game hosting companies use.

Global Coverage

GTX Gaming have a huge global reach despite their UK base. Players can rent a server in North America, Europe, Australia and even Asia.

However there are some additional server charges for locations such as Sweden and Brazil.

The cost is relative to the economy but you should always check for extra costs before completing your server purchase.


Users are not charged for de-branding, meaning you will never have the GTX Gaming brand in the title of your server.

Some companies brand your server in order to promote their service to other users, then in order to remove the branding you will need to pay an additional fee.

However, GTX Gaming don’t agree with this method of over-promotion.

Backup Power

GTX Gaming wants to ensure that your servers are up 24 hours a day no matter what.

GTX Gaming Homepage Features

They have access to back-up generators that allow them to use off grid electricity. This was set up to protect players against power cuts.

The system automatically detects a power outage and switches over to the outsourced power without the servers going down.

GTX Gaming Free Trial Server

Another great feature is the “GTX Gaming Free Trial” where new customers have the ability to trial a server for 24 hours.

This is a great way for new customers to test a server before making a purchase.

The process is really simple and can be set up in 3 easy steps.

1. Order the server

Select your service as you normally would (i.e game, players slots and location etc.).

The trial will run the exact service that you will rent if you choose to continue the service once the trial is over.

Your server will be set up automatically and you will be sent a notification asking you to view the invoice page.

2. Open the invoice page and activate trial

The invoice page will have an outstanding bill for your server, but don’t worry about this because you are currently on the trial period.

The money can only be taken if you choose to pay the invoice.

However If you decide to ignore the invoice, your trial will be terminated after 24 hours.

If you do decide to keep the server, all of your settings and configurations from the trial will be saved. Nothing changes.

3. Get your username and password

Once you have confirmed your trial, you will need to access the “My Services” page which can be found in the client area.

This is where you will obtain your password and username.

Use these details to login in to your control panel account and start playing. It’s that simple.

Please Note: GTX Gaming does not offer a trial for all the games they host. If there isn’t an option for a trial period on the payment page, assume you are unable to use this service.


GTX Gaming is a company that offers a great customised control panel, high quality machines but also has highly rated reviews which praise their customer service.

Their great work effort and ability to offer loads of games across 15 locations is probably the reason they have been running for over 11 years.

GTX Gaming Staff

Their prices are in the mid range depending on what server you are renting but you can reduce the cost by using the GTX Gaming coupons I have found and tested.

Below is a summary of what GTX Gaming does well and what they could improve on

GTX Gaming could improve on:

  • Extending the free trial service
  • Offer additional Asian and South American server options
  • Live chat option on website

GTX Gaming is great for:

  • 24 hour ticket support
  • Huge list of games
  • Global data centres
  • Instant server set up upon purchase
  • Discord support
  • Custom control panel made by GTX Gaming

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