Why Choose Host Havoc? My In Depth Review

A low price doesn’t mean a poor quality server when it’s being hosted by Host Havoc.

With the goal of creating a high performance server network with an honest, hard working team that is considered one of the cheapest “established” providers on the market.

Host Havoc Homepage

The company shows their love of games and passion for servers through their high-powered quality servers that have been running since 2013.

The company was founded by company president Clay B who started the business in Ottawa, Canada.

Catering for the North American demographic, the company started to expand over the next few years and hit a thousand active customers three years later in 2016.

However, the goal never changed despite the constant expansion.

With a new website in 2019, 30 active services and 11 server locations, it’s clear to see that the company has grown considerably in the last 7 years and is considered one of the most affordable providers across Europe, United States and Australia.

Server Features

Despite their low prices, Host Havoc have a rather impressive set up across their network of machines, offering features such as super fast processing power, advanced SSD storage, guaranteed 99.9% up-time and instant setup.

Let’s take a deeper look at all these features to understand the additional value you receive for a Host Havoc server.

Instant Setup

Servers are set up instantly and all of your details are sent to you via an email.

Once you have ordered your service you can typically access it within 10 minutes depending on your initial setup and chosen game.

NVME SSD Storage

Using SSD drives can significantly improve the speed of your game server.

As of 2020 Host Havoc is using NVMs SSDs for 80% of their infrastructure.

Which means users can expect speeds up to seven times faster than normal SSDs, in comparison to a HDD this is over one hundred times faster.

99.9% Uptime

Host Havoc pride themselves on their guaranteed 99.9% up-time which is due to their selective data-center choices.

The company has hand selected the best data centres around the world with the best up-links and network connectivity.

Host Havoc Uptime DDoS

Up-time is important because players should be able to access their server whenever they feel like it.

I wouldn’t want to pay for a service that can’t uphold the service they promised on sign up.

Super Fast Processors

Processing speed is very important for server hosting due to the nature of the processes that make up the game logic.

This is why Host Havoc uses the latest E-series Xeon CPU hardware, which can run at a speed of 4.5GHz when maxed out.

24/7 Customer Support

When you rent a Host Havoc Service it’s not just for the above mentioned server features. Their ticket times are super quick.

The longest I ever waited for a reply was thirty minutes, which is outstanding in this industry.

The support is 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Why Host Havoc

Despite the cheap cost of the server I rented, the support was never lacking in quality and average ticket times were around 12 minutes.


Server hosting doesn’t have to be expensive. Host Havoc proves that with their business model of hard work, premium server components and great customer service.

The company has been around for 7 years, taking a large slice of the server hosting industry with their cheap “reliable” services.

As an added bonus they also offer discounts on quarterly, semi-annually and annually server packages making their service even cheaper.

If you would like to save even more money on your game server then check out the Host Havoc coupons and I have found and tested.

Here’s an overview of the areas in which Host havoc excels or could improve upon:

  • Live chat support, available 24 hours
  • TCAdmin control panel
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Less than 20 Minute response time for support tickets
  • Yearly discount codes and saving events (i.e Christmas discounts)
  • Discord community
  • Game switching

Where they could improve:

  • Increase server locations (to include South America and Asia)
  • Extend money back guarantee
  • Create a custom control panel
  • Add more games to the hosting list (currently only 30 games hosted)

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