Why Choose LOW.MS? My In-Depth Review

LOW.MS is relatively new to the industry starting in 2015. Their aim was to offer an innovative new experience for gamer’s as they thought the current game server providers were outdated.

LOW.MS Homepage

Three years after their initial launch the company created their own high quality control panel as they wanted to move away from the outdated TCAdmin.

The new control panel was released in early 2018.

What Sets LOW.MS Apart From The Competition?

Despite the company being new in comparison to some of the global giants. LOW.MS has a team of experienced developers that have all worked for other providers in the past.

The founder of the company even won awards with his previous start up, which was the very first DayZ server provider when the game was just a mod for ARMA 2.

The experienced team at LOW.MS has helped the company quickly become one of the best, “cheapest” providers across Europe and America.

The company has recently added more locations in Germany and New York and added additional games to their catalogue.

Super Cheap Server Hosting

LOW.MS have to be one of the most competitive providers for pricing.

They have undercut all of the biggest hosting companies and have even offered cheaper hosting than the original cheap providers including Host Havoc.

Despite their cheap cost it doesn’t impact the overall performance of the server. When trialing an ARK server for a month I found that their service was absolutely flawless and I could not fault any of the technical side of the hosting.

LOW.MS Games Page

Support was also very good considering how cheap the package was.

I rented the ten player server that was just $9.70 for a month. I have never found a server cheaper than this despite having searched hard across the internet.

Long Term Discounts

If you plan on renting a server for more than a month, LOW.MS has some huge discounts on their long term packages including a massive 15% off one year plans.

It’s not uncommon for providers to offer long term discounts on some of their games, but LOW.MS offers them on 90% of their entire catalogue.

The price of a server was already incredibly cheap but you can get a further reduction by first paying for a year than adding a discount code from the LOW.MS coupon code list to get a gaming server for just a couple of dollars.

Free Web Hosting

LOW.MS offer free web hosting with all game servers at no extra charger.

This is fantastic for gamer’s that are trying to expand their servers presence on the internet.

With free web hosting you could easily set up your own community page that you could then use to promote your server on social media, live streams and community forums.

Websites are super important for growing servers, so getting one for free is a bonus. Once you have ordered your server check your LOW.MS email for your free web hosting details.


If you’re looking for a cheap but reliable provider I would highly recommend LOW.MS.

They have the best entry price across all games including ARK, RUST and Minecraft, which all come with a ton of features to enhance your experience.

LOW.MS Minecraft Page

There is something for everyone at LOW.MS because they host all games that require hosting and offer dedicated support that can be accessed through their support network.

LOW.MS are great for both new and advanced gamer’s as they have plenty to offer. Though there are also areas they can improve upon, let’s take a closer look at the positives and negatives.

LOW.MS are fantastic for:

  • Super Cheap, reliable hosting
  • Huge selection of games
  • Big Discounts on long term subscriptions
  • Value for money
  • Good selection of US and Europe server locations

They could improve with the following changes:

  • Offer more server locations
  • Add more niche server locations
  • Live chat on website
  • Add a control Panel Demo

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