Why Choose Nitrous Networks? My In-Depth Review

Nitrous Networks is a UK based company that offers game hosting in both Europe and the United States.

Nitrous Networks Homepage

The company was started in 2010 by the founder Jordan Bryant and was later joined by partner Harry Beasant that invested and helped expand the company in its early stages.

Whats sets Nitrous Networks apart from the competition?

Nitrous Networks main goal was to provide an affordable and reliable list of services including game, voice and web hosting that can all be purchased on the companies website.

With 10 locations to choose from and 20 plus games there are plenty of options for all gamer’s around the globe.

Testing a Server

In order to get a better understanding of the company I decided it was a good idea to test out a server to see how well it performs.

For this trial I rented a thirty slot ARK: Survival Evolved server which was hosted on their “Phoenix, Arizona” server as this was the closest location I could rent.

The initial set up was extremely quick and I was able to access my server as soon as my payment was confirmed.

I was playing on my ARK world within thirty minutes and my friends were able to connect without any problems.

The overall performance of the server was fantastic even when I had 15 players on the server. I didn’t notice any lagging on the server at all for the first week and even by the end of the month I still hadn’t had any major problems that I needed to contact the staff about.

I did however have a small issue with mod management, but one of the knowledgeable team members helped me out and the problem was resolved within an hour.

In terms of price, Nitrous Networks wasn’t very cheap in comparison to many other hosting companies.

The thirty slot ARK servers cost $31 which is double the cheap providers that can be found on the internet.

This was the main reason that I didn’t continue to use their service as I felt the price was too high.

Yes, the customer support was great, but I can get the same level of support from other cheaper companies.

I would however still recommend Nitrous Networks to newer players that need lots of help with their server as the support team is quick and reliable.

Five Star Reviews

Nitrous Networks have a fantastic Trustpilot score with over 90% of their reviews scoring a 5 star rating.

Many of the reviews praise the support team and the time in which support tickets are completed.

Trustpilot Nitrous Networks

Below are a few snippets of what reviewers have said about Nitrous Network:

Great Refund Policy

One recent reviewer stated that they had been charged an extra month despite cancelling their service the month before.

The company quickly responded and apologised for the mix up and refunded the customer back immediately.

The server was then canceled and the customer was left very happy commenting that he would use their service again in the future.

Wonderful Staff

A newer customer had never used a server before, which meant they had problems setting up the config files and adding mods.

The customer contacted the support team and was assisted with the set up. The staff were knowledgeable and friendly and explained in detail what the user should be doing.

The problem was resolved and the user now has the knowledge to deal with the issues themselves in the future.


Despite the higher cost of servers, I would still recommend Nitrous Networks to players that have less experience with server hosting.

The company has a great network of staff that can assist newer users. However, experienced server users should rent from a cheaper company because they are less likely to get value from this service if they know what they are doing.

It’s not worth spending the extra money however you could save a few dollars using a Nitrous Networks coupon code.

To concluded this article, let’s look at what Nitrous Networks offer in terms on their services:

Nitrous Networks are fantastic for the following:

  • Great hosting for European and American players
  • A very stylish and easy to use website
  • Great support network
  • Quick ticket support

The company could improve with the following changes:

  • Adding more locations in other continents (Australia, Asia and South America)
  • Add a live chat window on their website
  • Lowering their prices to be more competitive

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