Why Choose PingPerfect? My In-Depth Review

PingPerfect is a UK based company that offers self proclaimed “perfect” servers that are run and maintained by a dedicated team of technicians, programmers and gamer’s.

PingPerfect Games Page

They are considered a premium provider that offers a huge list of games that can be hosted all around the globe due to their huge network of data centers.

What sets PingPerfect apart from the competition?

The company states on their website that “they do not want to make you happy, they want you to be ecstatic about the server your rent from them.

But can they deliver this? In this article I will highlight the key features that are available with each of their servers including a custom control panel, dedicated support and more.

PingPerfect Control Panel

Unlike other hosting companies, PingPerfect has their own “custom” theme for their control panel. Which allows you to change and control every part of your gaming server.

Features include the “Stop/Start” command that will allow you to pause or boot up your server.

You can also easily reinstall your server if you’re having any issues that can be solved with a reset (however you may lose your configs and settings).

24/7 Server monitoring

PingPerfect’s impressive monitoring system notifies the support staff whenever there’s a problem with your server.

This includes server crashes, system failures and game faults. When a technician is notified about your server, so are you, making the process transparent to the customers.

If they find a problem they will get in contact with you personally and arrange to solve the issue.

Top Quality Support

Support is one of the most important services included in server packages as everyone requires support from time to time.

You may need to add a mod, fix a server error or upgrade your subscription which is all dealt with by the hosting staff.

On the PingPerfect website the company states that they answer tickets within 30 minutes but usually get in contact much quicker than the allotted time.

PingPerfect Support

The support network runs on a ticket system that has been built into the billing panel so it’s very easy to use.

If you receive a reply it will also be sent to the attached email on your account, alerting you to the response.

Alternatively, you can contact the PingPerfect staff through Steam, Skype or Xfire.

The PingPerfect Guarantee

It is important to trial a company if you have never used them before, as it saves disappointment in the future.

Luckily PingPerfect offers a free 48 hour trial if you contact them directly via email.

You won’t have to provide any bank details or worry about money being taken if you decide not to continue you after the trial period.

If you do decide to continue your server you will need to contact the support team before your trial runs out as you may lose all of your world progress.

Alternatively you could rent a server from the company and cancel it within 24 hours if you are unhappy with the service you have received.

The company offers you a grace period in which your money will be returned with no questions asked, instantly.

The company has received a lot of positive feedback on websites like TrustPilot so I’m sure you wouldn’t have to ask for a refund as they are a great choice for new and experienced server users.


PingPerfect has a lot of great features that include a custom control theme, dedicated support and a reasonable trial period for new users, making them a great choice for experienced and first time gamer’s.

The overall prices of their servers are mid range, not cheap but not too pricey.

Their excellent support makes up for the extra costs.

Although you could lower the overall cost of your server rental with a PingPerfect coupon code.

To end this article let’s take a closer look at the positive and negative aspects of PingPerfect’s hosting packages:

PingPerfect positive features include:

  • A Huge selection of Games
  • Free Web Hosting with all game servers
  • Great support
  • Great customer service
  • 24/7 Server monitoring
  • Tutorials for their control panel and server customisation
  • Discounts for longer rental periods
  • Instant server setup on payment completion
  • Branding Discount
  • Mod Support
  • Large selection of data centers
  • 48 hour free trial

The company could improve with the following changes:

  • Lowering their prices on a few of the higher priced game
  • Offering a longer refund period

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