Why Choose Shockbyte? My In-Depth Review

Shockbyte is a registered game server provider located in Victoria, Australia. Launched with intentions of providing a very high quality service but at the lowest possible price.

The company has been up and running since March 2013, making them one of the longest running Minecraft hosts.

Shockbyte Homepage

They claim to have a very experienced team with dedicated gamer’s and developers who’ve been working within the hosting industry for multiple years.

What Sets Shockbyte Apart From The Competition?

Shockbyte’s main aim is to provide amazing user experience for their customers so they receive the best service possible.

They advertise that they use some of the best hardware that is available and have a team of staff located across 3 continents to be able to provide 24 hour support to all their clients.

With a 24-hour money back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose! So what are you waiting for?

Cheap Minecraft Hosting

Shockbyte’s customer base is mainly Minecraft players. Which comes as no surprise as they have one of the cheapest Minecraft plans in the world.

The “Dirt Plan” is just $2.50 for a 1GB server which is incredibly cheap. The starting package is very limited in terms of size but this is a great starting package for players that want a vanilla experience for up to 10 players.

Shockbyte Minecraft Page

If you’re looking for something bigger, Shockybyte has another twelve options to choose from including their premium packages the Spartan, Zeus and Titan Plans.

These are perfect for large communities and heavily modded servers with between 10GB and 16GB of RAM starting at $25.

If you’re looking for something even bigger you can contact them directly to get a quote on a custom plan. This plan is mainly for players that want to spend more than $35 on a server. Though it may seem expensive, you can get a discount on a quoted server by using a Shockybyte promo code.

Easy to Swap Server Plans

A great feature that Shockybyte offers is a “server swap” which allows users to upgrade or change their current plan without having to pay an additional cost.

You can easily downgrade or upgrade your server by visiting the client area. The change takes place automatically within a couple of seconds.

(Note: Current Server files and setting will not be deleted when changing your server.)

Server Support

Shockybyte prides themselves on good customer service. Like most hosting companies they provide 24/7 support via their live feed that can be accessed in the bottom right hand corner of their website or by contacting them via the support network.

Shockbyte Knowledge-base Support

If you have server related problems it’s best to contact the support staff via the tickets as this is dealt with by the support team.

The chat window is usually operated by the sales and admin team that answer questions for new customers.

They do however have an extensive list of tutorials that cover all topics that are server related, which means you can sort issues out without having to contact the support staff.


If you’re looking for a Minecraft Server, Shockbyte is a company I would recommend.

They have thirteen fixed plans to choose from which cater to a wide range of customers and a custom plan for the big spenders.

Do note though that Shockbyte is pretty limited when it comes to other games. Yes, the company does offer ARK and RUST servers, but that’s all. Meaning you will have to use a separate company for any other game you may want to play.

Shockbyte has plenty to offer in terms of Minecraft but there are areas they could improve upon, let’s take a closer look at the positives and negatives.

Shockbyte are fantastic for:

  • Cheap, reliable hosting
  • Biggest Hosting Company in Australia and Asia
  • Plenty of Minecraft Packages
  • Premium Quality Hosting
  • Custom Minecraft Package

They could improve with the following changes:

  • Adding more games
  • Increasing server locations
  • Adding long term discounts on the payment page
  • Add other services including web hosting or dedicated server hosting

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