Why Choose Streamline Servers? My In-Depth Review

Streamline Servers have been in business for well over thirteen years as of 2020 making them a very established company in terms of having an established client base and brand.

They believe themselves to be one of the main innovators in the market with their powerful high spec servers that offer gaming, VPS, web hosting and dedicated servers.

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Customers that use Streamline Servers have left many positive reviews on their Trustpilot page stating how friendly the team are and how well their servers run.

How do Streamline Servers compare to the competition?

I wanted to test one of their servers for myself so I decided to pick RUST as I had recently started playing again on a friend’s server.

In this article I will take a deeper look at the customer service and hardware as well as summing up my experience with the company at the end.

Powerful Hardware

The server I rented from Streamline Servers was incredibly smooth and I never noticed any lag on the server.

I tested the ping of my server and it was considerably low despite the distance from the data centre in which the server was being hosted.

I asked a few of my friends to check the connection to the server from all over the globe and they were also impressed with how smooth the server ran without noticing any major problems.

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Perhaps this is due to their powerful Intel Xeon E5 CPUs they are using or the lack of overselling.

A guarantee on their website stated that they were not overselling servers as they wanted all of their players to have guaranteed resources.

Which may have been why I never had any performance issues.

Server Locations

Streamline Servers are a great choice for gamer’s that live in more niche areas as they have a huge selection of data centres to choose from, these include Australia and Asia which many other providers avoid.

Streamline Servers Locations

The company of course offers Europe and the United States, but having niche locations gives users more choice when it comes to picking the right location for their service.

Friendly Support

The staff at Streamline Servers are both knowledgeable and extremely friendly.

They have a mix of experienced staff that cover all areas of game hosting including server management, support and admin.

The service that I received from them went above expectations and I highly recommend them for new users as the staff were willing to take the time to explain any problems that occurred with my server.

The cost of their packages may be slightly higher than a lot of the other hosting companies I have used but their support makes up for this additional cost.


Streamline servers is a great company that offers hosting options for over 80+ games.

Making them a great choice for players looking to play niche games that many other companies do not offer.

I highly rate the server I rented from the company but I felt that the initial cost of the server I rented was high for what I actually received.

Games by Streamline Servers

In order to rent a more powerful server I need to add a lot of additional charges including higher CPU usage, Daily Backups, RAM allowance and more which is often included in a higher priced server.

Which is why I didn’t continue to rent a server from them as I could rent the same service from a much cheaper provider that I had already used.

However, if I was going to rent a server from them again I would use a Streamline Servers coupon code which I check regularly on this site.

Streamline Servers broken down into positives and negatives…

The company does however have more positive features, which outweigh the negative aspects of the business.

The positive features include:

  • Huge Selection of games
  • Global coverage
  • Massive discounts for long term subscriptions
  • 30 Day free trial for Tebex
  • Free game migration
  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Quick ticket response

Negative points to consider are:

  • Daily back up charge
  • A lot of charges for additional features
  • Higher prices across many of their niche games

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