Why Choose Survival Servers? My In-Depth Review

Survival ServersSurvival Servers Branding are an American company that have been running since 2012. Originally started by two friends, the project was a start up that provided DayZ hosting.

Back in 2012 the game was just a mod for ARMA 2, but it was still very popular. The downside was the lack of quality hosting options for DayZ which is why survival servers jumped at the chance to be a provider.

The company quickly grew it’s brand across DayZ players and a year later they expanded to Europe with two locations in France and Germany. They also quickly added RUST to their game catalogue.

As the company continued to grow they knew they needed to be different from the competition, which is why they created their own custom control panel to meet the needs of their growing customer base.

After the custom control panel was built the company further expanded their gaming catalogue with new games including Hurtworld, ARK, Reign of Kings and more.

2016 was a pinnacle year for the company as their growth rapidly continued.

From 2017 onward Survival Servers added even more features to their services including Playstation 4 Servers for ARK:Survival Evolved, 24/7 Support with an increase of staff and improved server hardware that was introduced in 2019.

As of 2020 the company has been running for an impressive eight years, becoming one of the most known hosting providers globally.

What sets Survival Servers apart from the competition?

Premium Hardware, fast support and competitive pricing are just a few reasons.

However, there are few other features which help this company stand out for the competition including official ARK console server hosting and a custom control panel that has been built in house.

Custom Control Panel

As mentioned above, Survival Servers have created their own dedicated control panel that has been fully customised to help improve the experience of their customers.

Once you’ve ordered a server you are redirected to the control panel.

Survival Servers Custom Control Panel

This is where you will manage anything server related including settings, config files, mod installation and more.

Everything you need is contained within one page, making it far easier than the standard TCAdmin that many other providers use.

Survival Servers are continually updating and configuring each game on their control panel to ensure that their customers servers are live and updated at all times.

The company claims to have spent “thousands of hours” developing their custom control panel since they first created it back in 2014.

ARK: Survival Evolved PS4 Servers

The Biggest game in 2015 had to be ARK:Survival Evolved. The game exploded overnight and gamer’s went mad for the new survival sandbox game creating a huge market for the server hosting industry.

Survival Servers ARK Page

Originally launched on the PC the game eventually got a console release and has given players the option of a console server.

This was relatively new within the hosting industry as console hosting was usually done by PlayStation or Xbox.

The developers of ARK decided to keep the hosting as a third party option on the console versions which created another huge market for hosting companies.

Seeing the opportunity Survival Servers gained a certificate to allow them to offer console hosting.

Today the company remains one of the few companies that are allowed to offer console hosting for ARK, making them a great choice for PS4 and XBOX One players.

Server Features Included as Standard

It’s typical for hosting companies to use many of the following features such as “low latency” or “instant setup” but Survival Servers add even more features that many other providers won’t offer including a “custom control panel.”

Survival servers guarantee that all of their servers will meet the below specified criteria with all their servers.

  • Server is setup instantly upon purchase
  • Server location can be changed at anytime
  • Full access to both FTP and database
  • Server can be automatically restarted
  • Updated game and mods
  • Extremely low Latency, no lag
  • Brand New CPU, updated yearly
  • SSD Hard Drives
  • In Depth report of server performance
  • DDoS Protection
  • Custom Survival Server control Panel
  • Easily mod installation
  • Saved backups (Can be automated)
  • Easy to use config tools


Survival Servers are a company that have earned their place amongst the best hosting companies in the gaming industry.

They supply premium servers at a very reasonable price and continue to upgrade their services on a regular basis, in order to give their customers a great experience.

The custom control panel is one of the strongest features of the company which makes them stand out from the competition. Making them a great choice for new and experienced server users.

They aren’t the cheapest provider on the market but they do offer regular discounts on their servers that can be found on the Survival Servers promo code list.

To concluded this article, let’s look at what Survival Servers does well and what they could improve upon:

Survival Server are great for the following:

  • ARK: Survival Evolved Console Hosting
  • A Custom Built Control Panel
  • Competitive Pricing across all games
  • Good selection of US and Europe server locations
  • 24/7 Support
  • Premium Hardware across all server locations

Survival Servers could improve their services by:

  • Adding more locations (South America, Asia and Australia)
  • Adding additional locations in Europe
  • Offering a Live support chat on website
  • Adding a Demo of the custom control panel

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